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Business these days is no longer strained by borders, moving quicker than ever before. By constantly embracing innovative technologies, our team tends to match the pace of your business, by maximizing productivity, and communicating securely.

Get to know the company that is one of the leading VAT consultancies in the UK.
Using our extensive tax knowledge along with our wide business expertise we can see beyond the potentially narrow tax effects of planning and we can make sure that any tax planning initiatives work both within the tax environment and for all different areas of the business.

As an integrated team The Tax Librarian shares skills, insight and resources, along with a client-centric, cooperative approach that is based on a deep under-standing of our clients’ businesses. This is our key, we tend to empower you to move forward confidently and realise your full potential.

The Tax Librarian has decades of experience in providing recommendation and advice to businesses and Individuals for Corporate Tax, VAT, International Taxation matters and Personal Income Tax Audits. Generally, businesses are unaware of the choices accessible to them, therefore talking to an expert is always suggested. We would like to confirm all of our clients have access to any or all of the assistance they need once it involves VAT.

Our mission is to help you recognize and make the most out of the VAT choices available to you. If you are an independent accountant, a non-profit or charity organisation, or a business owner eager to learn more about how making the right decisions may interest the financial health of your business – we will be happy to help.

The Tax Librarian is focused on the key issues across topics about the economy, taxation, regulation, business, producing the insight needed to drive you forward in interest of the financial health of the company.

Basically we are facilitating the clients in Taxation matters. Whether they have a dispute with Tax authority in the UK (HMRC) regarding any of the 4 type of taxes as identified above or simply need a tax advice. We will be the one stop Shop for our customers and will represent them in front of HMRC. We will fight for our customers and become their voice in front of HMRC.

By requesting our services, you’ll make sure that your handling of the VAT is in line with the current legislation, and is functioning effectively. We are able to assist you to spot any opportunities in favour of saving your money.







One of the UK’s leading independent tax consultancy companies is The Tax Librarian, providing tax support services to over four hundred firms of accountants and lawyers across the Great Britain.

We support and assist many accountants and lawyers across the United Kingdom, you should know that there is unlikely to be a tax problem that we will not have come across before.

If you choose to work with us, you can additionally decide how are we going to work with you.

    We will be able to:

  • deal with your customer directly
  • attend joint meetings with you and your customer
  • we tend to keep totally in the background leaving all the customers contact you

We will always respect your relationship with your client, whatever your choice is and we will undertake not to approach them without your instructions.
We guarantee not to interfere together with your customers’ relationships.

    We work with:

  • law firms
  • accountancy
  • individuals
  • families and private business

We provide them with tax advice and support, both practical and understandable.

To discuss your circumstances, contact us immediately by line +44 203 151 9999, or fill out an online enquiry form and we will be able to respond to you in a convenient time.

The cost of a tax investigation is terribly expensive, therefore the advantage of being adequately covered for this is very much important now. HM Revenue & Customs have wider powers and with the substantial increase in their audit activity, the probabilities of being selected for enquiry by HMRC are increasing.

A detailed enquiry or investigation soaks up giant amounts of your time and so a suitable fee protection policy can make sure that you will be able to get your customer the support they need to deal with the enquiry in the right way while not having to be concerned about cost.

There has never been a better time to introduce a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme to guarantee your clients have complete peace of mind. In addition, several benefits provided are also relevant to your practice, not least the chance of financial gain.

We have helped several small practices introduce fee protection insurance for the first time and we will be very happy to discuss how we can help your practice in the same method. This means your clients have complete peace of mind for any enquiry or dispute whether this is often in the form of a letter or compliance visit.

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

The perspective of HM Revenue & Customs Inspectors is changing into more aggressive as they look for deliberate penalties in order to extend the yield of an enquiry by enabling them to charge higher penalties. From liaising with HMRC in respect of small local compliance enquiries and dealing with HMRC’s various campaigns, initiatives and task forces to preparing Code of Practice 8 and 9 dis-closure reports and Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF) submissions, Dave and his team at FCTC have the expertise to assist you, or if you’d prefer, deal with the enquiry directly for you.

We have experience of negotiating with HMRC using the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service as well as preparing cases to be heard at the First Tier Tax Tribunal.

Our team has delivered training for a significant number of firms across the United Kingdom providing tax courses on key tax issues.
Our team of specialists has lectured on changes to furnished vacation lettings, private customer taxation and construction industry matter – the latter following many conferences with officials from HM Treasury on proposed changes to CIS. We have conjointly put together training sessions.

We will be very happy to talk to you about a training package for you and your practice. Let us know the areas where you feel more knowledge is needed, we will work with you to put together a training package that delivers what you want. This allows your staff to ask the questions they want to be answered.

Please contact us today for further information.

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