Project Description

Our qualified advisers are best placed to debate any penalties or surcharges your business is facing as a result of an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) assessment, and we can give a recommendation on whether the assessment is justified, certainly, HMRC created their call with all the facts given.
Our team of specialists can give advice and support to businesses that are wedged by an HMRC assessment. In case you accept as true with the result, or just wish to understand additional concerning the method, we are able to facilitate.
HMRC Assessment

Disagreement with a tax decision

You may make a request against some decisions about:
  • your tax bill

  • a claim for tax relief
  • a request for information or to examine your business records

  • a penalty (ex: if you paid your tax late)

You may have questions, or maybe you have got a disagreement with a tax decision, so feel free to contact us, and we will be able to assist you to decipher to take the most effective course of action.

  • Firstly, we are going to need to take into account whether the VAT assessment is established and whether it has been created with HMRC having access to any or all the facts.
  • We tend to frequently present our clients in difficult or imperfect assessments, creating applicable representations to HMRC, or wherever is necessary, creating appeals to tribunals.

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