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Value Added Tax is one of the trickiest taxes to administer.
The VAT has nice potential for optimisation which is usually unnoticed. As VAT may add a major quantity to a company’s expenses (up to 27%), reclaiming VAT could be tricky, however, it should be one of the first issues in income tax return.
Many businesses that are concerned in international operations fail to maximise VAT recovery on overseas expenditure.
There is a variety of ideas on how you can be saving cash on overseas expenditure. Many times, this space is unmarked because of the low price and high volume of transactions created overseas, which means the company is unable to dedicate time to reviewing the required documentation to file a claim.
The Tax Librarian team has great experience in serving businesses to solve this difficult set of laws, and we are well placed to offer you a useful recommendation.
Reclaiming VAT from overseas

What you can and cannot reclaim

Usually, you can reclaim the Value Added Tax paid on a product or service purchased to be used in your corporation.

You cannot reclaim VAT for:
  • business amusement costs
  • everything that is just for personal use
  • goods sold out below one of the Value Added Tax second-hand margin schemes
  • services and goods your company uses to form VAT-exempt provides
  • everything you have purchased from alternative EU countries

Assuming that a purchase is for non-public use, you will solely reclaim the business proportion of the Value Added Tax.

How can we help?

The Tax Librarian owns a team of specialities, well placed to advise you and offer you support and guidance in maximising your overseas VAT recovery.

We tend to perceive that this could be very much difficult, so we are happy to step in to offer the best advice possible, to minimalise the disruption to your resources.

We would like to confirm all of our clients have access to any or all of the assistance they need, our service provides you assurance that your tax compliance obligations in the United Kingdom and overseas are being effectively managed.

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