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You may be able to complete this even if you’re not getting tax credits anymore.
Most challenges against overpayments can be done utilizing the dispute process. Basically this process is utilized wherever there is an overpayment, however, the applier believes that they do not have to pay it back thanks to an error by HMRC.
This section provides data on the way to resolve disputes with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the way to complain to them concerning their treatment of you. However, it guides you on what to try and to if you have got a tax credits overpayment and have to repay it, or if you are unable to pay your tax bill.
The dispute process

HM Revenue & Customs disputes

There are many reasons which can cause many businesses to find themselves involved in a position of conflict with the HMRC.
Generally, such problems may be often avoided by following recommendation from a VAT professional. This approach will mean that companies ought to guarantee that they are considering transactions in advance. It is better to contemplate the transaction in question whereas it is still potential to amend a transaction to attain a special outcome.

The Tax Librarian has a great experience in handling businesses that believe they have received an incorrect recommendation from HMRC.
In most cases, recommendation provided by HMRC is just an opinion and doesn’t override the law. HMRC won’t settle for responsibility for its actions if it can avoid doing so.


There has been no limit on the time allowed to dispute an overpayment before, and people could still dispute an overpayment even when their award had finished, and could still achieve success in getting it written off if the relevant proof was accessible.
But, in order to manage the number of disputes, and acquire tax credits system prepared for the move to Universal Credits, HMRC set to introduce a 3-month cut-off date for disputes.

According to this, you will be able to complete this if you send your dispute form in three months of either:

  • the date on the primary letter or statement you received telling you that you have been overpaid
  • the ‘decision date’ on your Annual Review notice

You can send it afterwards the deadline only in exceptional circumstances, let’s say you were in a hospital for the three months.

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